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Welcome to SunnyView Technology, Inc. We help people to collect, organize, retrieve, and share the exploded Cyber information.



CyberKeeper 2.0

  • Save part of whole web pages

  • Organize your folders and files with your notes.

  • Save valuable web links with your thought.

  • Save emails from Outlook, Window Live Mail, or any web email.

  • Drag and drop picture from internet.

  • Save Word, PowerPoint, Excel document.

  • A summary page shows index, counts, description, etc..

  • Export or import your collection for sharing.

  • Email your project or record directly from CyberKeeper.

  • Add note to any saved web page, link or file.

  • The original links and tilts are automatically captured.

  • Highlight web content in colors.

  • Organize information by multi-tab, category and tree view.

Your dream tool for easy web capture, document organize, enhanced e-reading. You pack different type of files into one well built e-book. Just one click on the toolbar while your are browsing. Or simply drag and drop whatever you want to keep.

CyberKeeper Toolbar View

With Internet becoming an essential role of our daily life, cyber information has become overwhelming. How to  manage and  make effective use of them is a real challenge to everyone. CyberKeeper provides rich functionalities to help capturing, processing and managing your cyber content. It is also a platform for on line sharing.

  • Have you ever lost useful web link or page that took you time to find?
  • Do you still save information to folders and then forget where they are?
  • Don't you want to highlight key words and add notes during reading?
  • Do you like to create photo album with personal notes?
  • Do you like to create receipt manager for online shopping?

Project Summary provides content overview. It also serves as contents pages just like in a book. It helps users to find and jump to the collected information very quickly.

Find your way around CyberKeeper

(1). Menu Bars
(2). Capture Guide button
(3). Project Navigation Tabs
(4). Project Section Tabs
(5). Project Summary and contents
(6). Search Box
(7). Record List View
(8). Record Toolbar
(9). Record Note Pad

Project Treeview Screen View
Capture Help Screen










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