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Open Tab (Manage Tabs)

Project Information and statistics

Project Summary provides content overview. It also serves as contents pages just like in a book. It helps users to find and jump to the collected information very quickly

  • Project Name, Project Category, Project Tags, Created Time, Description are same as in the Project Information tab.

  • Total Web Pages: Total saved web pages in the project. It includes web pages and web page images.
  • Total Web Links: Total saved favorite web links in the project.
  • Total Pictures: Total saved pictures in the project.
  • Total Files: Total collected document files in the project.
  • Total Media: Total collected media files in the project. Such as, music or video files.
  • Total Emails: Total collected emails in the project. It could be web email, MS Window Live Mail, or Outlook Express.
  • Total Project Note: Total notes made for this project by user.

Project Section Table

Project Sections are similar to 'Chapters' in a book. Users can add tabs (Section or Chapter), rename tabs, or delete tabs .
Project Sections lists all the project tabs. User can click on each of them and quickly jump to the section in Project Summary Page.

Record Table

A record entry here is similar to one listed topic in Contents pages of books. Here , when a user click on a record link,
the link will take the user to the record. The corresponding tab (section) will be opened and the record is
dispayed to user. It is just like that a user find a particular topic in a book's contents pages, then open the book with
the page number. But this is much faster and easier.

Search Record in Summary

(1). Users can search record by typing keyword in the search box.
(2). Users can also easily change the Summary page layout by select page mode: Page Mode, Two Page Mode, Scroll Mode.
(3). User can change font size by using the Zoom Slider.

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