Capture and Organize
         your thought
              your memory
                    your journey
Now, you always know
          where you been
                  where they are


 Manage Files and Webs

* Manage files, documents, take notes, and track your thoughts.
* Save & organize web content, web links, pages and pictures.
* Build all related content: files, photos, emails in one package.
* Generate articles, or new web pages from collections.
* Share with others without any special software.


Key Features


One click or Drag and Drop
 -- Auto save publish source, title, date
 -- Capture web link, page, image  
 -- Save file, email, text, audio/video


Lost file in too many folders?
 --  Auto generate content links 
 --  Easy to view, sort and search.
 --  Track collection with summary page


Save your note & thought
 --  Highlight key content in colors
 --  Add side notes while reading


Exchange work & search
  --  Export your collection to others
  --  Import other people's search

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Never lose tracking your files, your visited sites again. Start saving web link, web page. Organizing files.
Add notes to your content. More important, you can make note for any saved content side by side.

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